Progress consists of renewing oneself

Miguel de Unamuno


In recent years we have seen how the pharmaceutical industry has been transforming to become more collaborative, dynamic and global. Today the pharmaceutical industry aims to find new models and opportunities to improve its ability to innovate and make a difference in patients’ lives. New positions to meet emerging needs, given the ever-changing environment of the health care system require new agents capable of innovating.

This perpetual transformation towards a patient centric model requires new skills, proven leadership and highly capable people. BDL Search’s expertise in the pharmaceutical sector allow us to provide our clients with an effective talent acquisition, able to significantly strengthen their businesses and deliver a sustained performance.


Biotechnology is the science that has managed to discover some of the most effective treatments available. Biotechnology is creating a fundamental innovation of new technologies such as the genomics edition, development of antibodies, immunotherapies and synthetic biology, which now comprise the science behind some of the most promising medical advances.

Biotechnology advances in different ways, however what facilitates these new technologies introduction and inclusion into the current landscape of health care is, in most cases, the entrepreneurial endeavour of brave companies that are part of this sector developing a visionary science.

BDL Search knows the importance, merit and challenges biotechnology companies face. Our ability to identify the right mix of essential skills on demand with the cultural characteristics needed to thrive in this exciting but challenging sector, make BDL Search a strong and committed partner for the identification and attraction of talent for these companies.