DISCOVERY: Meeting with the client, whose aim is to fully understand the competitive environment, cultural and organisational style. In this phase the specific needs of the position and the ideal professional profile are defined. Key factors of the search according to the short, medium and long term client´s needs are determined at this stage.

PRE-SELECTION: Strategy definition, the start of the search and identification of potential candidates.

PHASE I: Recruiting candidates: contact directly and confidentially with each of the longlisted candidates. Contrast profile with job requirements, if the outcome is positive, we investigate whether the project can be of interest.

PHASE II: Selection of candidates: in-depth exploration of the professional motivations of each candidate. Histories and characteristics of each candidate are carefully examined and checked against the role requirements. Only when a correlation between the motivations of the candidate and the client’s needs exists, the process continues.

PHASE III: Short list of candidate development and presentation to the client. We include only those candidates who are outstanding in the interview phase – CVs and a report with relevant information from each of them are submitted. During this process we advise and coordinate the development of interviews, and maintain close and personal contact with every candidate.

PHASE IV: Procurement and Monitoring: once an offer is introduced, advice and facilitation of communication between client and candidate are at your disposal. Upon acceptance of the offer we support the candidate in his resignation and client feedback on the search process is required. Periodically after induction, we conduct follow-up conversations on satisfaction of both candidate and client.