At BDL we are specialists in direct search and adapt to the specific needs of short, medium and long term of each of our clients.

Interim Management:
We understand that our clients do not always need permanent solutions and in some cases strategic short and medium term hires that can make a difference are necessary in saving the time and resources required for permanent hiring contracts. Therefore, we have a wide network of freelance consultants with expertise in different areas ranging from clinical development and medical affairs to business development, fundraising and management capacity; who can facilitate the processes of Company change and positively impact a key expansion phase.

Shortlisted of candidates for this type of search can be displayed in days, and the hiring process and the incorporation of these Consultants, given its temporary nature of project collaboration are almost immediate.

Tailored suit solutions:
Depending on the particular needs of each client, we can provide other customised services in the area of ​​market research, remuneration studies and talent mapping.